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Why did I make this proof?
- I am an atheist, I don't believe in God, and people often respond to this with:"Prove that God does not exist!" So, here it is. The proof is formally correct, and thoroughly checked. It contains no errors.

I get a lot of different responses to this proof. Usually people have misunderstood it, and claim it has some error that it does not have. So, before you go and criticize it, be sure you REALLY understand it, especially the mathematical notation, as that is the proof itself, while the text is comments, references and helpful explanations.

The most interesting thing is that their request is based entirely on misunderstandings.

A lot of people still try to argue with the proof, and me, and they do the same mistakes again and again, without end. They simply cannot understand anything here. So, I think I will start to simply show how completely idiotic things they say to "argue":

Most people who protest against my proof, claim that "reductio ad absurdum" is not a valid form of proof. This only shows that they are ignorant and arrogant. The proof that Reductio ad Absurdum is correct, is one of the simplest proofs there are.

New here: 2003.9.25
A very good test of the rational consistency of your views on God.